Unexplained infertility & under 40?

Double the success rate of IVF (67%)
Less expensive than IVF (3500)
Fee refunded if not successful

Our success rate - 67% (Women under 40 with unexplained infertility).

National average for IVF - 32.8% (women under 35).

"Babies, babies everywhere. I was finding it hard to cope"

If you're struggling to have a baby, it can seem like everyone around you is falling pregnant at the drop of a hat. "But why not me?" can become a constant torment. Feeling frustrated and upset is a very natural response.

In the video below, our clients share the emotional roller coaster of their fertility journey. They also describe how they overcame infertility and conceived naturally, with the help of acupuncture:


My name is Michael Arnold. I have 15 years experience in Five Element Acupuncture. I also hold a degree in Neuroscience.

I've put together a unique programme for couples with unexplained infertility. 67% of my patients fall pregnant within 6 months. If you don't fall pregnant within 6 months you can claim a full refund.

How it all began

A few years ago I was at a consultation day with a friend and mentor of mine. These are amazing days where patients travel from around the UK to get help. I clearly remember how three women in a row told their story of struggling to conceive a child.

What struck me was how all three had been led to believe that IVF was going to be the answer to their problems. They had all had multiple IVF attempts (in one case 4 rounds) and all had come out with nothing to show. But it was worse than that. Not only did they have nothing to show (except a very large bill) but they were all left traumatised by the experience. None of them had expected the physical and emotional exhaustion and turmoil that follows one, never mind three or four rounds of IVF.

This experience really brought home a few things to me:

1) Thousands of couples are rushed into expensive IVF treatments only to come out with nothing except upset and exhaustion.

2) Most people aren't aware that there are evidence based, natural alternatives that can be just as effective if not more so.

3) These therapies make you feel better, not worse! There is also evidence that they increase your chances of IVF working, should this prove necessary.

4) There must be a way to get this message out there!

I couldn't think of a more powerful way to get this message out than:

"If this doesn't work for, you won't pay a penny"

So that's what we did.

And this is where things all started with Pregnant in Six Months.

This month (Jan 2016) we're opening up some more unexplained infertility places for our Pregnant in Six Months Programme.

If you have unexplained infertility and you're under 40, we can now offer you 6 months of treatment and guarantee that if you don't fall pregnant within that time you can claim a full refund.

You even get to try out the treatment for 5 weeks. If you're not feeling more relaxed and happier and you don't want to continue, you can quit the programme at 5 weeks and claim a full refund.


12 monthly payments of 335

This is refunded in full if you don't fall pregnant and carry the baby to full term.

67% of our acupuncture patients with unexplained infertility fall pregnant within 6 months.

If you don't have unexplained infertility or you're over 40, we do have other treatment options. I recently helped one woman to have her first child at age 39 and her second at age 43. There are more factors at play here but we do often see results.

If you think you'd like to take up this opportunity, the first step is to come for a free consultation so we can decide if you're suitable and you can decide if it's right for you.

To book your free consultation just email my assistant Sarah at sarah@naturalfertilityexperts.co.uk, or call 0207 118 0930.

I look forward to meeting you.

Best wishes,

Michael Arnold


Daily Psychologies Big

We have been featured in The Daily Mail, Psychologies Magazine, Essentials Magazine and The Big Issue. We are registered with Pru Health and Aviva Healthcare. Please note: The Daily Mail article says we can help ANY couple. This is not accurate. We need to asses every couple on a case by case basis.

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What people are saying...

"I was diagnosed with a low ovarian reserve, which explained the difficulties experienced in conceiving. I was prescribed Clomid, a drug used to help stimulate egg production, this however created more unwanted side effects for me as opposed to helping me.

Acupuncture helped me keep calm and less frustrated. I stopped taking Clomid as it was having too many negative effects on my health, and let the acupuncture take its cause. I consider myself very lucky to have conceived after 3 months of acupuncture! I have a wonderful son who is now 3 years old, a truly amazing gift!"
- Amrit Kaur, Personal Trainer

"I can't believe how much my life has changed since I first saw you, in fact I feel like I should ask for my money back.................I am now Super fertile and have baby number 2 on the way!!!!!! I only asked for one!!!!!! only kidding, we are delighted, but I'm going to have my hands full. So whatever you do with those needles of yours..............WORKS!!!"
- Katie Lancashire, Clairvoyant and Astrologer www.katielancashire.co.uk

"After a few months of trying nothing was happening and I started feeling a bit afraid and a bit anxious. Then finally a year passed and I really started to wonder about the painful possibility of perhaps not being able to having a child at all. It was at that point that I stated to look into acupuncture. I was recommended to see Maire. It was a pleasure to come to talk to her and the sessions were just easy. I remember after one of the acupuncture treatments I woke up in the middle of the night with a strange sensation in my right side. I never wake up like this and I just felt like "my gosh something is happening here". I went to get a glass of water and went back to bed. A few weeks later I found out I was pregnant." - Joanna

Note: You will need to pay a deposit of 50 to secure your free consultation. This will be refunded in full if you do not have treatment. If you do start a course of treatment, the deposit will count towards the payment for your first treatment.